Mic Graphic    Before the Age of Podcasting:

Burn Down Hollywood began as an audio podcast in early 2012; just before podcasting really took off.  Founded by Actor, Dennis D’Antin, Burn Down Hollywood podcast saw some mild success until the podcast market really began to boom and became extremely saturated.       Nevertheless, Dennis D’Antin, and co-host Mario Loya, trucked on forward inching their way to more and more listeners each day.

  Today :

Thumb Graphic    After a few breaks for work in the “Hollywood Industry”, the Burn Down Hollywood guys are back, and stronger than ever.  New podcast episodes are currently being recorded and the new “Entertainment Blog” is doing great numbers.  There’s a lot more to come from the Burn Down Hollywood Squad!


The Players:

Dennis D'Antin

Dennis D’Antin



Dennis D’Antin has been doing Theatre since the age of 12.  He has a degree in Theatre/Writing from University of California Riverside; has been in numerous theatrical stage productions and has been working on and off in television and film since 2005.

Dennis Founded Burn Down Hollywood in 2012 as a way to discuss his interest in the entertainment industry as well as discuss the difficulty in pursuing it.



Mario Loya


    Mario Loya Has been acting in film and television since 2006.  He has had numerous parts and has been working as a regular stand-in on the very popular tv show “Castle” for the last 7 years.

Mario Joined Dennis in late 2012 to become the first (and only) co-host of the Burn Down Hollywood podcast.

He enjoys Acting, under-water swimming, and telling people that they smell of elderberries.